Abreviations and symbols

Pgm		Phonotagm (syllable)
Pgm/PhWto	Phonotagm in a phonological word as a token
Pgm/PhWty	Phonotagm in a phonological word as a types
PhW		Phonological word
PhWto		Phonological word as a token
PhWty		Phonological word as a type
AcG		Accent group
AcGto		Accent group as a token
AcGty		Accent group as a type
W		Orthographical word
Wto		Orthographical word as a token
Wty		Orthographical word as a type

Voc 		Vowel
Con 		Consonant
Sem 		Semiconsonant
NuS, W 		Nuclear semiconsonant (/r/, /l/)
PeS 		Peripheral (non-nuclear) semiconsonant
NucP, V 	Nuclear phoneme (vowel and nuclear semiconsonant)
PerP, C 	Peripheral phoneme (consonant and non-nuclear semiconsonant)
S 		Short vowel
G 		Long vowel
D 		Diphthongal vowel

PerComb 	Peripheral combination, i.e. combination of peripheral phonemes
PreComb 	Pre-nuclear (initial) peripheral combination
PostComb 	Post-nuclear (final) peripheral combination
InterComb 	Inter-nuclear (medial) peripheral combination
PhoPho 		Combination of any two phonemes
CC 		Combination of any two peripheral phonemes
CV 		Combination of any peripheral phoneme and any nuclear phoneme
VC 		Combination of any nuclear phoneme and any peripheral phoneme
VV 		Combination of any two nuclear phonemes

Occ 		Absolute occurrence (all instances of an entity)
Rat		Ratio of occurrence (all instance of an entity divided
		by the sum of occurrences of all entities)